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Brandon Half and 5K photos

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 Thanks for participating in the Brandon Half and 5K race for 2015. Photos are FREE for non-commercial use. They are done by club members as an additional benefit to the race. This race raises money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Although the photos are free, please consider an additional donation instead of paying for photos.

Finisher photos are broken out by the time on the finish line clock. Note that there is some overlap in 5K and half timing when the clock was reset from 5K to half. The on course photos are broken down by the time of day you passed the camera, very close to the time of day you finished.

For each time segment click on the gallery link to the right. You will get a gallery of large thumbnails that are probably suitable for web posting. For the high resolution image click on the photo and you will get the full resolution image. Right click on either to download.
NOTE: If I got the timings correct it will be a miracle. Needed an abacus, slide rule, and the NSA computers.

Images are for personal use only and may not be used commercially without permission of the photographer. Use on social media sites, e-mail, or printing is permitted..
General photos general photos
5K and half starts the starts
Finish line clock times through 30:31 Finish start to 30:31
Finish line clock times 30:43 to 54:48 Finish 30:43 to 54:48
Finish line clock times 1:26:25 to 1:54:24 Finish 1:26:25 to 1:54:24
Finish line clock times 1:54:46 to 2:11:22 Finish 1:54:46 to 2:11:22
Finish line clock times 2:11:34 to 2:36:01 Finish 2:11:34 to 2:36:01
Finish line clock times 2:36:14 to end Finish 2:36:14 to end
On course time of day: 7:48 to 8:04
time of day is approximate and a couple minutes before finish time of day.
 Time of day 7:48 to 8:04
On course time of day: 8:04 to 8:46  Time of day 7:48 to 8:04
On course time of day: 8:47 to 9:15 Time of day 7:48 to 8:04
On course time of day: 9:16 to end Time of day 9:16 to end

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